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Lesson programs

Aside from normal lessons, I have some unique programs for my students!


I'm super excited about this fast paced, upbeat piano program for Preschoolers.  It's something I've been searching for a long time and geared specifically toward a traditionally under-utilized age group---3-5 year olds!  Click here to watch the promo video! 

Group Lessons

Let's face it.  Piano can be a lonely activity.  There is no team, no fans cheering from the sidelines, and usually nobody on the bench but you!  That's where our quarterly Group lessons come it.  We bring all your peers together to learn and collaborate in a fun group environment. Come give it a try!

Creative Composition​

Have a student who writes stories, poems, or constantly "doodles" little melodies on the piano? Then composition is just for them---an outlet for their creativity.  Students learn basic composing rules, chord progressions, and work to create original pieces for their portfolio. We also learn to use Noteflight, an online notation program to help us stay organized!

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